Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Best Music For Working

By T. Payne

If you spend your entire day at a computer, you might need a little help to focus on your tasks. I have found that one of the best ways for me to keep focused and stay fresh is to listen to music. It helps to relieve the boredom of mundane tasks and it can actually help me avoid other outside distractions.
I can't just listen to any music though. I am a hip-hop fan but if I listen to music with lyrics I find myself getting caught up in those. Classical music is always a good choice, but sometimes I want something more modern. That is why instrumental hip-hop is my choice. The following three albums are my current work rotation and I think would be a great addition to yours.
1. Ino Hidefumi - Living Message: This is an instrumental album out of Japan. It is my all time favorite work album in fact. In fact about the only time I listen to this album is while I am working. I love how it is a great blend of classical, organic instruments with hip-hop esthetics. It is catchy enough that it relieves boredom, but laid back enough it doesn't overpower my work. It may be hard to find, but this is the internet age so no excuses!
2. The Roots - Dilla Joints: With the passing of Jay Dee (Dilla), hip-hop lost one of it's greats. The Roots do their best to keep his memory alive with this album. No rapping on this album, this is just the Roots live band doing their version of some classic Jay Dee beats like "She Said" and "Look Into Her Eyes". Anyone familiar with Jay Dee knows that his work is perfect for relaxing. Very jazzy and low key beat that are perfect for background music while working. the Roots do a great job of making the beats come to life. Really, this is right up their alley. I am sure this would be easier to find than the above record.
3. Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound: I wanted to include this album because it is a bit newer. I also thought I should include it because I felt bad for avoiding it due to the DJs name. I know that is no reason to avoid something...but the Fudgemunk? Really? This album is much more traditional sounding. The above two albums might not even be recognizable as hip-hop to some people. No doubting what this one is when you hear it. It is traditional boom bap rap for the most part. I like listening to this one when I need energy. The other albums are great for background music and so is this...but the drums on here are likely to have you bouncing your head. Great for starting your day, or dealing with any mid day blahs you are trying to get over.
At it's best, work music should help you avoid distractions. it should drown out sounds that annoy you and allow you to focus. It can keep you motivate as well as energized. You don't have to listen to my selections, but next time you are having trouble completing a task - throw on some of your favorite music an see if it helps.
Ted Payne left a soul crushing job 2 years ago to try and make his fortune true entrepreneurial means. A lot of lessons were learned along the way and 2 years later, he has finally begun to realize his dreams. He wants to share how.
For more info on Ted check out his blog: Ted Payne

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